Why Register?

Registering with The Family Tree Care Services Offices in Louisville, permits us to serve you better. If you ever need a Care Provider, be it for your children, your parents, a friend or relative, if you are registered with The Family Tree, you are guaranteed top priority when you request services. You are also guaranteed to have pre-qualified Care Providers that pass the most stringent checks and training. Most of the Providers we work with are industry icons that have been providing excellent and professional care for many years.

Registration is simple online. There is a one-time registration and annual $30 administration fee, that is applicable when registering online or offline. You are not required to pay at the time of registration, although we do prefer and appreciate it. You can pay this reasonable annual fee upon receipt or at the time of your first service request. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and promise you the best care services available… If you have any questions, please call.


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