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Temporary childcare includes any typical in-home babysitting for an evening out, to cover for an afternoon or entire day. It also includes any group babysitting needs, childcare for out of town guests, overnight stays or any situation that does not require a permanent in-home nanny or caregiver. Newborn care is provided in your home, typically at nighttime. Prices for these services are below. Please register before requesting service.


Permanent childcare, or Nanny Services include any regular, in-home care with a consistent caregiver. Instead of being charged hourly, a family pays a one time nanny placement fee which covers the cost of uniting caregiver and the family.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taxes

I have a domestic (nanny, elder care giver, housekeeper) working in my home. What taxes do I need to pay?

In general, the Internal Revenue Service requires payroll tax filings by adomestic employer who pays a household employee more than $1500*cash wages in a calendar year. These payroll tax obligations may include:

  • Social Security & Medicare Taxes (7.65% of Gross Wages) [FICA taxes]**
  • Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) (0.8% of Gross Wages or less in Most Circumstances)

State unemployment and disability insurance taxes levied on the employer.


Advance payment of the earned income credit for eligible employees.


* The $1500 threshold applies to 2006 and 2007 household payroll! This will increase to $1600 in 2008. Wage test is $1400 for years 2003 – 2005, $1300 for 2001 & 2002, $1200 for 2000, $1100 for 1998 & 1999, years 1995 – 1997 were $1000** The FICA taxes are shared between employer and employee. Each party contributes 7.65%. If the family fails to collect this tax via payroll deductions from the employee, the family will be liable for both the employer and employee portions of the tax or 15.3% of gross wages.

How are the nanny’s (employee’s) payroll taxes paid?

The household employer is required to collect the employee’s (nanny, housekeeper, etc.) contribution to Social Security and Medicare taxes. Should you fail to collect, you remain responsible to remit these taxes for the employee.


Deducting federal income taxes and most state income taxes is optional. If income taxes are not withheld by the employer, then the employee is required to make periodic payments of any amounts due.


Most household employers with a full time staff member offer to deduct income taxes for the employee from his/her payroll. This is a convenience to the nanny or other household staff, relieving them from the need to make quarterly estimated tax payments on their own. Families with occasional or part time staff, such as a weekly housekeeper, in general do not deductincome taxes from the employee’s payroll.

I have heard that I can get a personal tax break for child care? Does this apply when I hire a nanny?

There are two popular strategies that families use to minimize their personalincome taxes. Many families can utilize a flexible spending plan (cafeteria plan) offered by their employer for child and dependent care expenses. Yourhuman resources department can provide you with plan details. Anotherstrategy is the Child Care Credit available to many parents. This credit can directly reduce the parent’s income taxes by between $600-$1,440 a year.


To be eligible for any childcare tax breaks, the family has to report thewages paid to the nanny and remit the necessary employment taxes. Manyfamilies find that the tax break offsets the cost of the payroll taxes for the nanny, thus easing the financial burden of tax compliance.

Registration & Fees

    • One Time Registration Fee $50
    • Annual Enrollment $50/yr
    • Cancellation Fee $15
    • Last Minute/Same Day Fee $15


    • Holiday Premiums (4 hour minimum) 1.5 times rate

Pricing may change at any time and can vary between locations.


Cancellation fee: Will be billed to your account if you cancel a confirmed provider. The Family Tree allows for families immediate needs and will attempt to meet these needs; however, if a provider is cancelled at the last minute and the agency is unable to reach the provider before he/she arrives for the shift, you will be responsible for payment of a four hour minimum.


Last minute fee: We strive to secure providers for you if you need help after business hours or on the same day a request is made. Because these requests require immediate attention, your account will be billed this additional fee.


Holiday and special event rates: Providers are to be paid time and one-half of the hourly rate on all nationally recognized holidays as well as Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, Thunder over Louisville (Louisville), Derby Eve, Derby Day, Breeder’s Cup (Louisville) and Mothers Day. Holiday and special event bookings must be cancelled two days prior to the event. If the agency is not given the proper notice and the agency is unable to place the provider in another assignment, you will be responsible for paying the four hour minimum at the holiday rate.

Overnight Care Provider Fees

Newborn Care Provider Fees

4 hour minimum.


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